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AuroIN Infographics Whitepaper

What You Will Learn From This Whitepaper

Not Traffic, Not Ranking, Not Links! Your current marketing agency might be fooling you by showing traffic, ranking, hours spent on your marketing campaign, Google algorithm, etc. You need to understand that Digital Marketing is now more than all these.


  • Incoming Phone Call Received
  • Contact Forms Filled-Out
  • Direct E-mail Received
  • Contacts through Live Chat
  • Social Media Inquiries
  • Contacts through Closed Opt-In
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • e-commerce Transactions
  • Customer Referral
  • Visit Your Store/Office
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The most important aspect of any good website is how effectively it is able to convert incoming traffic into qualified leads and repeat sales. While this might seem like a straight forward concept many business websites go wrong in a variety of different places. From ineffective CTAs to unclear user navigation, there are lots of ways a website can miss the mark. By reading this whitepaper you’ll learn the following and more:

  • How to create concise copy that captivates visitors
  • Strategies for attracting qualified traffic that is looking for what your business specializes in
  • The massive effect mobile optimization can have on your site’s conversion rate
  • How to engage customers so that they generate long term value
  • How A/B testing website changes can generate new sales that you’ve been missing and increase your overall conversion rate

Armed with the knowledge from this whitepaper you can get your website performing to its maximum sales-generating potential.

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