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ECommerce Shopping Cart Development

E­commerce website design is a different science altogether. Every second is an opportunity, every visitor is a possible prospect. It has to be user­friendly and compelling enough to encourage purchases; every single time!

  • We craft e­commerce website, that is specific to your industry and targeted customers
  • We implement clean, easy­to­use functionalities to increase engagement and conversation rates
  • Cutting­edge security system to make payment gateway unhackable

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ECommerce Shopping Cart Development





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Infographics on ECommerce Shopping Cart Development

Today ecommerce is one of the most profitable business venture in the world. But, the competition is tough! Here are some statistics on ecommerce you need to know!

What Affects a Purchase Decision?

  • Product Quality – 56%
  • Free Shipping – 49%
  • Easy Return – 35%
  • Customer Reviews – 33%
  • Visual Search – 30%
  • Great Navigation – 26%
  • Checkout Ease – 24%
  • Multiple Options – 24%
  • Special Size – 12%
  • New Product – 10%

Store Features that Customers Look­Out For...

  • Competitive Price – 80%
  • Online Purchase – 62%
  • Delivery Speed – 54%
  • In­Store Pickup – 45%
  • Loyalty Rewards – 38%
  • Online Reviews – 38%
  • How­to & Demo – 36%
  • Store Pickup – 33%
  • Word of Mouth – 32%
  • Social Advice – 18%

Role of Social Media in eCommerce

  • 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals
  • 78% of respondents said that companies' social media posts impact their purchases
  • 50% of the social media purchases take place within a week
  • 80% of the social media purchases take place within 3 weeks

Top Influencer

  • Facebook – 30.8%
  • YouTube – 27%
  • LinkedIn – 27%
  • Google+ – 20%
  • Pinterest – 12%
  • Twitter – 8%
AuroIN's Ecommerce Shopping Cart Development

ECommerce Shopping Cart Development

Case Studies

Professional Keyword Research Service  Provider

The site sees an increase in online sales with the help of AuroIN's digital marketing campaign.

  • Organic search traffic increased by 787%
  • Referral search traffic increased by 308%
  • Increased conversion rates by 35%
  • Decreased paid search cost per conversion by 25%
  • Paid search click through rates increased 800%
  • 15 numbers of keywords are ranking 1st page

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ECommerce Shopping Cart Development

Research and Discovery

Before taking on the real work we will start with an extensive research on your niche industry. We will do a complete A/B testing with your competitors' website. We will review the findings, and then prepare a thorough roadmap of process steps.

Top points to cover during research and discovery:

Target market and their specific needs

To get into your target market's psyche is the most essential aspect of business development. After getting to know them from the inside, we can design a strategy that would best cater to their needs.

Latest eCommerce design and development trends

To be in the trend is of paramount importance. We don't want to make your website look like it's from the 20s. We diligently implement latest technologies and design trends to stay up in the market.


ECommerce Shopping Cart Development


eCommerce is the hottest new online phenomenon; worldwide ecommerce market value is nearly 2 trillion dollars and growing. The convenience and comfort of shopping online has also pushed the industry forward. However, the ubiquitous nature of the industry has paved the way for a single range of product and service market to have many online portals. Hence, it is a dominant market anymore. Customers now have the options to choose from various online resources to buy their products. Of­course they would choose the one that offers the same product at a much cheaper price and most importantly from the one they trust. Therefore, we have outlined few major points ecommerce business owner need to take care of while designing their online portals.

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ECommerce Shopping Cart Development

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