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How to Begin Facebook Fan Page Promotion, Plus Best Practices

In the world of business, the consumers have the power to make a business thrive. Sure, the marketers and advertisers use their skills to promote and encourage customers; but, it's the consumers who will decide to pay or not for your products or services.
Facebook is a platform where business get an opportunity to tap into the power of getting those customers from one place. Facebook now has over 1 Billion users and Millions unique visitors joining every month. That's a crazy amount of audiences right there!
By harnessing the power of Facebook, business marketers and advertisers can extend their customers, increase sales, building community, learn about customer's needs, do market research, send news, send updates and most importantly communicate with their customers directly, the catch – if done strategically by the right people who have the right skill and understanding of how Facebook works.

Where To Start?

  • 1Set up a complete business/fan page.
  • 2Use company logo, write a description of what you do, write your business goals, note down your business USPs, how your business will solve         problems? give complete descriptions.
  • 3A Facebook page needs at least one user (Admin) to be linked with.
  • 4A professional Facebook page of businesses planning to increase sale needs a set of 5 users: (page roles): Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser,         and Analyst.
  • 5Launch campaign for audience reach

Top strategies that make social media marketing on Facebook a success:

  • 1Take advantage of the existing website's traffic by including Facebook icon in the footer. The icon must redirect to the Fan Page.
  • 2Insert Fan Page URL in email signatures.
  • 3Let your existing customers know that your business is live on Facebook by sending an email blast.
  • 4If you have a store, promote your page by creating a banner or asking customers to visit your Facebook page.
  • 5Post updates when users are most online. Hire professional analysts for the job.
  • 6Use plugins in your Facebook page to garner more likes and followers.
  • 7Create engaging content such as contest, questionnaire, offers, funny posts, informative posts. Hire professional designers and content creators            for the job.
  • 8Target specific profiles and customers with the @ feature in Facebook.
  • 9Create custom page tabs for coupons, discounts and special announcements.
  • 10Engage with your fans and community directly.
  • 11For more engagement use image and videos for status updates.
  • 12Create your own group and groups in your niche.
  • 13Use paid campaign when your Fan Page has enough content for engagement.

Best Practices

Create Engaging Content: Create content with videos, images, questions, polls, views, suggestions and such to stimulate actions from users. This way, you will not only engage with current fans but also encourage them to share to their friends.

Engage with fans (users who have liked your page): You need to respond to their queries and comments. If it’s a positive comment…. send your appreciation. If it’s a negative comment…. handle it politely by providing a fix. As everything is public in Facebook, you need to stay vigil and respond immediately.

Join groups in your niche market: A Facebook page represents a brand, the group represents a community. It acts like a chat room for members with similar interest. You could start your group to create a community of your own.

Don't use too much sales pitch. 20% of the content should be promotional, 80% of content should be informative and interesting: Nobody wants to promotional messages being bombarded in their timeline; it’s like forcing your fans to purchase your product or service. instead post interesting post such as images, videos, company announcement, company insights etc. If you post 5 updates per day, keep 1 for promotion and the rest to build community.

Create custom tabs: Create custom tabs to help fans navigate through various categories of post.

Use insights:Insights are great to track and report your progress in Facebook marketing campaigns.

Connect other social media channels: Connect other social media channels such as twitter, instagram, pinterest images to promote other social media channels of your business.

Use #HashTags: Use #HashTags to find relevant post as per the tag. You can use relevant #HashTags in your posts to make it searchable by Facebook users.

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