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Case Studies - Facebook Advertising Campaign Management Agency

Service: Online wholesale phone accessories, parts, and cell phone repair store
Campaign: Facebook Fan Page Promotion Campaign
Time Frame: 1st November 2015 - Current

About Injured Gadget

Injured Gadget is the one-stop online store for wholesale phone accessories, parts and cell phone repair stores. The company offers a wide array of high-quality replacement parts at a highly competitive price. The company provides lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and a hassle free RMA (return merchandise authorization) process.

To learn more, visit:

Injured Gadget partnered with AuroIN to manage its Facebook Fan Page promotion Campaign since 1st November 2015. During this span of 3+ months, AuroIN has helped Injured Gadget to grow social reach and attain the brand value and community it has now. Both AuroIN and Injured Gadget worked collaboratively in order to maximize the benefits of the SMO campaign.

Initial Phase of Marketing Campaign

Injured Gadget needed help in driving more fans and followers to their Fan Page - The client also wanted to create a community, establish brand value and bring sales from Facebook. The first task in our hand was to pinpoint the issues on the Facebook page and plan the consequent steps accordingly.

Below are the issues which were observed:

  • The Fan Page was not comprehensive.
  • The page had low-resolution images and status updates we inconsistent, and only promotional, which discouraged users to like the page.
  • The page didn't focus on trending and interesting topics.
  • Page 'likes', 'social reach' and fan following was low.

This was an opportunity for AuroIN to work on the Facebook business page and implement our strategies gradually.

AuroIN’s Role

AuroIN played a vital part in bringing Injured Gadget's Facebook Fan Page to the forefront among the competitors and niche market. With Injured Gadget supporting at every step of strategy implementation, AuroIN took on the mammoth task of optimizing the Fan page for more than 3 months.

Actions Taken by AuroIN Social Media Marketing Team

We began with an extensive research on its niche industry. Keyword research and #HashTag research is paramount for Facebook marketing campaigns. We tracked down direct competitors and made an A/B testing to find out Facebook fan page's shortcomings. Before launching the actual campaign, we created a clearly-defined roadmap, which was executed diligently. After determine the scope of the business reach, the team planned a comprehensive Facebook social media campaign.

Phase 1

Created a professional fan page with comprehensive description and information including necessary marketing and visual elements.

Began Facebook campaigns using strategies such as:

Custom images
High-volume #HashTags
Users' opinions
Consistent timely updates
Create groups
Users' comments engagement

Monitoring Facebook marketing campaign execution

Reporting Facebook marketing campaign progress

Phase 2

Create powerful content using right #HashTags

Image gallery
Product and Services promotion
Inspirational posts
Information posts

Continued Facebook marketing campaigns

Monitoring Facebook marketing campaign execution

Reporting Facebook marketing campaign progress

As a result, achieved more customer reach, likes, brand value and community on Facebook.

Facebook Insights:

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The collaborative execution of Facebook Fan Page promotion campaign between AuroIN and Injured Gadget combined with AuroIN’s evergrowing knowledge base and its effective implementation of social media optimization strategies, exclusively for Facebook have made the client's Fan Page - in becoming a success story that it is today.

We are Recognized as...

  • AuroIN-Adwords certified
  • AuroIN Proven Credible Verified
  • AuroIN LLC, USA BBB Business Review
  • AuroIN Google Partner