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Advanced Email Marketing Strategies in 2016

Even with the bad reputation, email marketing is still one of the most important and efficient platform for marketing. However, today's marketing strategies have changed. In addition to the basics such as: convincing heading; key takeaways; to-the-point content etc., new components need to be in-place for higher conversion. Your email marketing efforts need to be in-line with latest trends and design philosophy so that your business doesn't get left-behind.

Here are the advanced email marketing strategies for 2016

Responsive Email Design:

It is only natural to know that email designs in 2016 needs to be responsive. With the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices, email design needs to be optimized to accommodate varying screen size. Today over 50% of emails are opened in mobile devices. Responsive design must be optimized for both desktop as well as mobile; as, click-through-rates from emails are higher in desktop, it cannot completely be ignored.

Animation in Email:

Animation helps in retaining recipients attention and make them interested in your products/services. However, email with animation and rich content is typically beneficial for retail industry. Moreover, business can add videos directly in their HTML email, instead to providing an external link to a video page. This way, emails become much more engaging.

Dell increased its revenue by 109% by using animated gif in their email content.

Customization of Email Content:

Although more focus is given on the design and copy, it doesn't matter much for high conversion. Business need to invest a significant amount of time and money on finding out specific interest of each recipients. If you email could speak their language and could make an offer that they are interested in, business have better chance of conversion and sales. Include rich content likewise.

Demography-based Email Marketing:

Although not applicable all business, but for business at multiple location can reap the benefits of location based marketing. This enables recipients to receive relevant updates and products available in their surrounding location.

Predictive Content Marketing:

It is a promotional marketing where you send out other related products and services to your recipients, which you think they might be interested in. You may also send out promo email for the accompanying accessories need for the item your customers purchased.

The importance of email marketing is ever-increasing. However, the campaign is taking new shapes to accommodate latest trends, technological advancement and market competition. These aforementioned techniques only a few among the advanced email marketing. Most importantly, business need to innovative with their techniques by taking into account research reports and marketing statistics.

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