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Email Marketing Tactics That Work For Every Business


Over the years email marketing has earned a bad reputation by businesses for being used as spam. Therefore, businesses have moved to social media for marketing, not knowing the fact that on third-party platform, your business reach completely depends on the services. On the other hand with email marketing, businesses have the complete control over how, when, where and whom you will reach. It is estimated that by the end of 2016 there will be over 4 billion email accounts.

When done the right way, it is still the most powerful tool with higher ROI. Here are some rock-solid email marketing tactics that work for every business, irrespective of the industry.

Auto Email Marketing:

Run automated campaigns 24/7 with email marketing. Businesses could setup automated responses using email services. Free-up your time to devote to other marketing ventures with automation. This is a great technique when the marketing it designed to reach new customers.

Give Incentives to Increase Sign-Up Rate:

When you send out free downloads, gift cards and other goodies with your email, the sign-up rate increases multifarious times. When you want to create lifelong customers, you need to provide high-quality stuff for free. This will encourage users to avail your premium products and services. When you are sending out free products, don't skim on the quality! This simple technique will increase conversion rate roughly by 40%.

Personalized and Exclusive Content:

Conversion though email marketing is not enough, you need to retain them as well! At-least twice a month, send out content and offering exclusive to the each recipient of your email marketing list. Make them realize that you value your customers.

Empower the Actual Email Copy:

To make a sale, you email has to be opened first by your recipients. Give more focus on the basics:

  • Powerful Headline
  • Send-out email at the best time with high open rates
  • Get to the point in the first few lines
  • Present your offerings unambiguously
  • Clearly layout your offering and key takeaways for your customers

These simple aforementioned topics are the basics of every email marketing campaign. However, getting them right alone will get you more sales than ever. For advanced content creation you need to hire professionals for the job.

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