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High ROI Email Marketing Services

Service: High-quality Promotional Sunglasses for Bulk Order
Campaign: High ROI Email Marketing Services
Time Frame: 1st November 2015 - Current

About provides high-quality, low price promotional sunglasses and accessories with excellent service for the global customers. The company employs cutting-edge printing technology to produce latest design products at lowest cost.

Founded in 1994, was firstly known as a sunglasses manufacturer in China. They have shipped millions of sunglasses to the customers worldwide. Later in the 2000s, the company stepped into the promotional market offering the professional promotional sunglasses to the customer in various fields. Promoglasses offers a wide range of promotional sunglasses and accessories with FULL-COLOR logos on lenses and arms.

To learn more, visit: partnered with AuroIN for high ROI email marketing services on 1st November 2015. AuroIN compiled email templates with rich contents and impressive call-to-action which helped to grow the brand value and community it has now. Both AuroIN and worked collaboratively in order to maximize the benefits of the email marketing project.

Initial Phase

Implement Advanced Strategies

Your organization is not practising a strategic email marketing campaign. Your emails are spammed because of poor content. We will address this by implementing powerful content, rich graphics, media and time-proven strategies.

Creating Powerful Email Content

We will put-together a team of designers, copywriters and digital marketers, who will develop compelling content, as well as launch the necessary email marketing campaigns for you business.


We will scrutinize your competitors’ email marketing strategy and contents that are performing and make an A/B testing to find out your website's shortcomings.

Before launching the real email marketing campaign, we will create a clearly-defined roadmap, which will be executed diligently.

Determine the scope of your business reach and plan your email marketing campaign accordingly.

Our Work

Phase 1

1.Audience Research & Data Collection

The foremost step is to understand your email recipients' expectations, email reading habits and your best email sending time.

Your email sign-up form is the best way to gather aforementioned data. However, the form must be short and sweet, with just the essentials, that are needed to further launch your campaign. Asking too much may discourage views to sign-up.

2.Analyze Goals & Objectives

State your objectives clearly! You have just one shot in convincing them to take actions

Keep your emails laser-focused to just one aspect of your business. Be it for product marketing, service announcement or general information; decide on your purpose and let email content perform within the focused area. This will avert any ambiguity in recipients' reasoning, thereby making your emails more actionable and engaging.

3.Email Design

Email design greatly depends on your objectives and targeted audience. We will strategically structure you email and implement calls-to-action in order to optimize click-through rates.

The priority is encouraging more clicks from your recipients, eventually increasing traffic to your website. We will further keep the conversion process intact by offering landing pages geared towards audiences' specific needs, and keeping the design elements coherent.

Phase 2


Taking audience research data into account, we will bolster your email marketing campaign by including content and design elements that addresses your audience's' specific needs.

All aspect of email marketing campaign is monitored on a regular basis. Statistics are generated to measure its performance, devise new strategies and further optimize for higher click-through rates. We make sure your campaign is fine tuned to its best in order to meet your customer's' specific needs.

2.Analysis & Reporting

We make sure that your emails get high click-through rates. After the strategy, design and content are optimized, it's time to find the best time for your emails to get noticed and opened.

With changing market trends and customer's attitude towards email reading, you need to rethink your strategy accordingly. For that, you will need regular analysis and reporting of your ongoing email marketing campaign. We will generate statistics on the parameters of click-through rate, open rate, bounce rate, frequency, most-opened topics and numerous other aspects. We will generate reports in the most simplest yet comprehensive manner so that you can track actual sales and monitor how your business is growing.


The collaborative execution of email marketing campaign between AuroIN and combined with AuroIN’s evergrowing knowledge base and its effective implementation of Call-To-Action strategies, made the brand become a success story that it is today.

We are Recognized as...

  • AuroIN-Adwords certified
  • AuroIN Proven Credible Verified
  • AuroIN LLC, USA BBB Business Review
  • AuroIN Google Partner