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How is Press Release Critical for Successful Business?


In a nutshell, a press release lets you issue a summary of your company updates across news media and other publications. Much like a news article, they are meant to inform the public about current offerings, new services, company event, product releases and more. A number of press release is published everyday by a wide array of industries including entertainment, health-care, education and everything in between. PR, when written effectively, will create interest among your audience and generate leads.

Crafting the Right Release:

Before planning to write a PR, you must be sure that you have a reason behind it. It’s not like the blog or article, where you give your views, ideas on a topic and most likely with a creative approach. On the other hand, a PR should be straight-forward and closely follow certain guidelines or format to reach maximum viewers. As a rule of thumb, you must keep the most and crucial information at the top of the paragraph. Long and crafty writings will not interest journalists and viewers.

Why it Matters to your Business?

Build Links (Great for SEO):

Although press release alone will not help with SEO, but it gives extra coverage to your brand. When publications pick your PR and publish it on many other publication; this will give the coverage you need for link building. You can also use your targeted keyword to make it rank higher.

Can be used with other Marketing Channels:

A press release contain a number of elements like company contacts; opening paragraph with the most information; quotes from top managers; the boilerplate and more, that can be specifically crafted for specific audience. Furthermore, modern press release make use of images and videos. According to survey, it can increase customer engagement over 50%.

Best Practices:

  • Give your audience a genuine information.
  • Follow the right format.
  • Write a compelling title for your press release.
  • Use inverted pyramid structure when compiling the body.
  • Use quotes from board directors.
  • Give a boilerplate.
  • Use images.
  • Keep the language simple and avoid jargons.

Writing a compelling PR is tricky and demands experience of the writer instead of his/her creative flair. Business should take the help of experienced professional to rip its full potential.

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