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2016 Link Building Strategies With Detailed Process and Steps


The advent of 2016, brings new changes in our work processes to improve our services to global customer. For a start, we have come-up with new link building strategies, which we had described in our article post. In this blog we will share a detailed step-by-step guide to the latest link building campaigns.
This is to let you know that, this step by step guide is not as precise as the campaign worked out at real-time by experts. With changing scenario, strategies need to be altered, modified and re-launched to meet the end expectations. We suggest you consider follower steps for educational purposes, so that you give it a try and come-up with your own strategies.

First, let's start with the most common white-hat link building strategy:-

Guest Blogging

Some may say that guest blogging is dead! We say, it's still one of the best and most effective techniques for garnering link juice. However, you must know that the higher the authority the higher is the weightage.

Step 1: Search and Research Guest Blog Sites

Before you put pen to paper, do a thorough research of the guest post targets and curate a list. You could start with keyword search

Keywords -

  1. “write for us”
  2. “guest post”
  3. “contributing writer” etc.

Search for professional bloggers who constantly update their guest blogging activities. You will have a list of relative guest blogging websites.

Keywords -

  1. "guest post"
  2. "my guest posts"
  3. "posts on other blogs" etc.

Use Twitter and Google+ to find more guest blogging resources. Use related keywords e.g. “gardening tips” + guest post

Use to find more list of the niche's best website

Take advantage of blog comments for more niche website resources

Now that you have found your targets, sort out and filter by doing an extensive research

Guest Blog must...

  1. have authoritative link profile
  2. be related to your site
  3. have high-quality posts
  4. have a good following
  5. not just post link in the author bio
  6. have a good deal of Twitter and Facebook followers

Get into the webmasters' radar to build a relationship before posting on their website

  1. Follow and engage on twitter
  2. show interest with blog comments
  3. Email them directly

Step 2: Compile a Pitch to be Sent to Guest Blog Sites

Write an email to seek permission and attach a real article to prove worthy of your writing quality and style.

Step 3: Compile the Actual Post

Create two posts.

  1. For the top 20 high authority sites
  2. For the good-enough sites

Step 4: Follow Up!

  1. Stay vigil and monitor activity on your guest blog posts. Respond to comments
  2. Edit, improve and update your post if necessary
  3. Promote on social media channels
  4. You could also run an email marketing for the post

Ego Bait

Just like it sounds... you create a post which will feature top influencers on your website. The Influencer could be a person, products, service list or a list of other influential websites/blogs. The trick is to lift their ego by featuring them and in-return get backlinks when they post it in their websites or share in their social media profiles.

Step 1: First create at-least some presence, reputation or brand value. Ego Bait strategies may backfire for brands who are completely unknown. Contact digital marketing experts for the job.

Step 2: Make a list of your influencer. Get comprehensive information, including company, twitter handler, # to follow, their interactions and responses

  1. They shouldn't be your direct competitors
  2. They must be active on social media profiles. Follow them on twitter to let them know that you are influenced by them.
  3. They have a large number of followers; however, not big enough to completely reject you. Someone with some 3000 followers seem more realistic than having 30,000 followers.

Step 3: Actually get in contact with them and interview them.

Get in touch with them, if possible give them a phone call and schedule an interview. The aim is to get answers to questions most of your readers would appreciate and find it useful. Don't just go with dumb, filler questions, instead use a useful, authoritative content that gives an insight into the thought process.

Step 4: Create a killer content (helpful, informational, true facts, original)

Step 5: Follow-up with the influencer. Let them know that the content is online and ask if they could share it in their profile.

Step 6: Start sharing on your social media profiles


To effectively outreach is part art, part science! It's not so easy to convince the big buys to give you some credit just like that. You need to be good enough so that they will endorse you. Here's where to start.

Step 1: Research & Analysis

Conduct a social research by checking-out the discussion and type of content published on the website. Tool: ( Active community should be your top consideration.

Step 2: Garner Names and Email Addresses. You could use tools such as:  

Step 3: Create and Customize Emails

Now that you have garnered enough contacts.... send out custom emails as per the concerned person.

Step 4: Track and Report

Keep a track of email open rates. Tools such as may come in handy.

Social Media Shares

Social Media is at the crux of digital marketing. You too can use link building to harness the power of social media strategies. Here's how...

Step 1: Create Professional Social Media Accounts

Keep your social media profiles with complete information about your business. Be professional and tweet strategically.

Step 2: Garner Followers (Target Audience)

It's safe to assume that getting more followers on you social media business page is easy; however, not all followers are interested in what you have to offer. Follow your target audience who are interested in you niche market.

Step 3: Post blogs and relevant content on Social Media Profiles. Post interesting content. This is a different art altogether. We need to have a dedicated SMO strategy.

Step 4: Share interesting and relevant posts from other users too

Link Reclamation

With changing time, websites change and alter their design, this may leave out broken links from other websites. Often times, they could have removed the page completely because of outdated information or out-of-order product line. In such scenario, you could get easy and quick backlinks by offering them to fix those broken links and then linking it back to your website.

Step 1: Find broken pages in your industry. You could use tools such as: LinkMiner.

Step 2: Take a look at the webpage that existed. You could use a tool such as:

Step 3: Compile a better content than the one existed

Step 4: Find existing linkers to the broken page.

Step 5: Reach out and ask them to replace links to the new page

Getting Link for Mentions

It's easy, simple and instant. If you find someone has mentioned your brand or your copyright content on their website, you could simply ask them to mention you back, instead of suing them to court.

Here's how...

Step 1: Run a search

Use tools to discover brand mentions.

Link Prospector {} Scrapebox {}

Step 2: Outreach: Prepare and personalize emails

Step 3: Setup Monitoring

Use tools such as Fresh Web Explorer to monitor and track your outreach campaign.

Link building has evolved so much in recent years. Now, with the popularization of mobile devices, new strategies and techniques are made to take advantage of the huge network traffic on mobile phone and tablet PCs. Like I said – 'It's part art and part science', there's no definite steps or process to get backlink juice. Create your own techniques and experiment to see what you can do with these techniques.

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