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LinkedIn Advertising campaigns and its benefits

LinkedIn campaigns are one of the most sought after campaigns that have taken the online advertising world by storm. LinkedIn being a business platform or a social media platform designed for business users has a global presence throughout. Unlike its competitors like facebook, twitter, etc., LinkedIn has a specific audience group to target to. Having a user base of 400 million across 200 countries LinkedIn has become the first and the foremost choice for professional around the world. Available in multiple languages it has become a frontrunner when it comes to social media platforms.

When it comes to online advertisements, LinkedIn stands out too. It has its own ad features which has very less monetization value. The ads are of two types ­

1. Sponsored Ads
2. Text Ads

LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn DirectAds which is a form of Sponsored Ads. Features of Sponsored Ads:

  • Large landscape image (downscales gracefully, depending on device)
  • Shown in the news feed for LinkedIn members
  • CTRs in the range of .3% (from my experience)
  • 160 character intro
  • 230 character title
  • 160 character description
  • Shown to both desktop & mobile users

LinkedIn has a text ad feature too. The features of a text ad are :

  • 50×50 image
  • Shown in the right rail of internal pages
  • CTRs in the range of .03% (from my experience)
  • 25 character headline
  • 75 character description
  • Shown only to desktop users

Campaign Structure:

For a campaign structure using LinkedIn you’ve got to name it first. A name should very well describe your campaign. With LinkedIn Ads, you are targeting business characteristics rather than keywords, So the best practice is to name the campaign after the audience. A Company page that can appeal customers and clients. A business profile page is a must for gaining customers.

Set Up a Sponsored Ad:

Sponsored Ads are basically quality ads that carry a meaning for the target audience. As discussed above the image can be of any size depending upon the features. Summed up with good title and description these ads target the specific audience. Targeting becomes easy with sponsored ads.

Set up a text ad:

It is similar to sponsored ad but does not have the targeting feature. A text ad has features like small image, text and descriptions but is not compatible with targeting audience.

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