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Crucial Points to Consider While Optimizing Webpage Load Time

Who likes to wait anyway? Nobody! Online business is a very competitive market where no business is unique anymore! A little edge over the others ­ be it a user­friendly design or website performance, it can turn you into a winner in the niche market. Above all aspects of website performance, the most crucial is the load time. Your website has got to have a blazing fast load time – preferably under 2 seconds.

Here are top points to consider before opting for webpage load time optimization.

Designing a Website that Meets Your Needs:

Every project needs a road­map and a well­defined process steps. Take a closer investigation of your target audience, their specific needs, how are you going to serve with your business website. This includes, website design, ease­of­use, color scheme, content placement, website performance and of course a faster website.

Mobile Presence:

With increasing smartphone usage across the world, having a significant mobile presence is paramount in today's branding ventures. This is absolutely crucial if you have an ecommerce business. Check how your website loads on a mobile devices. Make it all­browser compatible! When considering mobile compatibility, you need to take care of varying mobile device screen sizes (mobile, phablet, tablet) and operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, BBM).

Your website could be superbly fast on desktop web-browser but sluggish on mobile devices. Invest on mobile performance, it will pay-off!

Take Care of Image Size:

Optimized coding will give a snappy web-page load. Servers are doing great, yet high number of large images on the website is slowing things down! This can be really pesky on the long run and a massive deterrent to customer engagement.

Here are some common fixes:

  • Convert images from PNG to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). This will shrink image size significantly. This will also great for mobile optimization.
  • Make image content to be delivered in the background, whereas the pages load immediately.
  • Implement caching. This makes navigation and future browsing snappy.
  • Implement browser re-load, pre-fetch, and pre-render to increase load speed

Optimize JavaScript:

All web pages have thousands of line of JavaScript. However, it demands significant knowledge and experience to create best practices. Here are a few steps to follow for an optimized JS coding.

  • Use optimized page-speed profiler.
  • Use profiler's automated hints for alternative coding.
  • Measure your efforts and improve your coding.

Aforementioned tips are just the tip of the iceberg. You need to implement numerous other techniques to get a superiorly optimized webpage. We suggest you hire a website load time optimizer team for the job.

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