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Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that you can gain higher local search rankings. Over a third of all searches in 2014 will be local and when you include non geo­targeted keywords that trigger local results, the number nears 50%! Local SEO helps the business to reach out to potential local customers. Targeting the local search engine is one of the ways to tackle the local SEO problem. This means searching a phrase like “best bakeries” could return local businesses mixed in with the organic results. The bottom line, if you have a business that can service local customers or has a physical address, you need to be optimizing for local search.

Optimizing the Local Search ­

While optimizing websites, Always remember to provide citations. Citations are the equivalent of traditional link building for organic search.Ensuring that your website is properly optimized, building domain authority, and claiming local listings are all important steps for you to take.

Important steps to be taken care of while creating a local SEO campaign -

  • The name, address and phone number should appear on each page of the website
  • Providing unique content to each page
  • List your site on the top local directories
  • Have the logical citations based on your competitors
  • If you are not having reviews of your site, Then encourage people to give reviews to your business.

What not to do in Local SEO campaign

Never use a phone number that is not yours or a toll free number

Name, address, and phone number (NAP) is one of the leading factors in how you rank locally. If you are using an 800 number, you are missing out on the value and trust of using a number with a local area code. If you aren’t already, use a local number on your website and local citation sites.

Listing a Virtual Address

The real problem with virtual addresses is that they can be shared by numerous companies, leading to multiple listings from one address. They are also less trusted as you could take them out in any city, not just your actual location. If you have an office, storage shed, or any other physical address in the location you are targeting, you should use it.

Not completing your G+ profile

Your Google + page is a great opportunity to create an indexed social profile for your business. You should create your profile and provide all the information they ask for. Make sure that you also take care in choosing the best categories for your business.

Using the wrong keywords

Wrong keywords tend to deter your rankings. They may get you the rank for brands for not for the specified page. Ranking for your brand is not a bad thing but it is certainly not going to bring in new traffic in droves. The very point of ranking for a term is to place your business in front of people searching for what you offer that don’t already know about you.

Stuffing location unnaturally into content

For some reason, people think that stuffing the location and keyword will somehow boost your rankings. This is not true and keyword stuffing can actually lower your rankings so resist the temptation.

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