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Native, Web, and Hybrid ­ Which App Works Best For Your Business

You need a mobile app, but which one will suit your business best? That’s the questions that is bothering many curious and confused entrepreneurs these days. Mobile is where the growth is. Business owners are looking forward to explore all kinds of online resources available at hand to grow their business. In the current marketplace, even a small beauty salon or a cafe shop are available online in the form of app.

Basically, there are thousands of mobile apps that fall into 3 broad categories:
Native, Web, & Hybrid.

You need to choose the type that will be the most convenient for your business and simultaneously, your customers. But, how? Choosing between a Native, Web, and Hybrid app for your business is a very crucial decision that is taken by considering a lot of determinants. However, you don’t have to get into the complexities. As an experienced mobile app development and design company, we will help you decide the mobile app strategy in a few minutes.

Which type of business it is?

Is it a small­sized business such as salon, eatery, hotel, vehicle repair, logistics, pizzeria, law firm, or a shop that sells toys, flower, gifts, birthday cakes, groceries, home appliances, etc., a native app will do best. As a small business, you need to give the best user experience and native apps excel in that capacity.

If your business is a large ecommerce store that sells thousands of products, which get updated on a weekly basis, a web app is a good solution. However, if you think that you want to give more power to your application, go for a hybrid app. Hybrid app combines web technology and native execution to create a web­style content in a native wrapper. In other words, your app will have the look and feel of a native app, but the functionality and speed of a web app.

Is there a budget constraint?

Web apps are cheaper to develop. Since there is no particular platform or selection of device necessary, they become too easier and simpler to create. A web app is device and platform independent.

However, they are also characterized by slow speed and limited performance. Native apps work best for optimized user experience and functionality.

Is your app going to use device features a lot?

Instagram requires the use of your camera, Music app requires the use of push notifications ­ these are examples of apps that makes use of your device’s features a lot. If your app is also going to be one of them, a Native app will be a great choice. Hybrid apps can also access mobile device features like data storage, contact details, and push notifications.

If finally comes down to the best user experience. Your user will not know what type of app you have used or whether it is hybrid or native. In the end, they will only be concerned about the fact that how easier they are able to accomplish their task.

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