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Wondering Why Landing Pages are an integral part of the website

A Landing Page is a web page which serves as the entry point to a website or a particular section of a website. Basically it is any web page on which a visitor can arrive at or land on. When it comes to marketing and advertising, A landing page is a distinct page on your website that’s built for one single conversion objective. In other words, a landing page should be designed, written and developed with one business purpose in mind.

Benefits of using Landing Page ­

  • Helps in increasing the conversion rates
  • Target Promotion or product specific landing pages
  • Landing Page speaks of your overall brand and corporate values

When to use Landing Pages ­

  • Giving away promotional offers
  • When you are having multiple products
  • Traffic Source segmentation and optimization
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Professional Landing Page Creation Services







Infographics Professional Landing Page Creation Services

A Landing Page is a highly targeted web page which is meant for the user to click on and get responses. If you are using a home page as your landing page, be assured you are losing valuable sales leads. A landing page, on the other hand, might be considered an open door. It is a standalone page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement or email link, engages directly to generate sales opportunities.

How to make a landing page that works?

  • Short and simple is best: the internet is a busy place, and most internet users have notoriously short attention spans. Don’t bore people with large blocks of information to read. Landing pages should answer your visitors problems quickly and easily. Limit distractions: keep your landing page clutter free. You don’t want your potential leads leaving so hide website navigation and information on landing pages.
  • Value add: make sure the offer you make is compelling and clearly demonstrated to the demographic you have targeted.
  • Be sure to share: You page should have links to social media to enable your audience to share your information.
  • Landing pages should have easy to understand opt­in forms with the minimum of information – the less time it takes to fill in the more chance you have of gaining a lead.
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Professional Landing Page Creation Services

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Spinn Print stoned out as a division of KD Marketing, Inc. KD Marketing, Inc. was stoned by Michael Spinn as a telecommunication and marketing company eons ago in 199O.

Catching the digital wave back in 1998 Michael Spinn and his son, Brett Spinn, created Spinn.Set. Spinn.Set is an Internet Service Provider offering Nationwide high speed access and global website hosting. While other lSPs have either bought and sold each other or closed their doors altogether,Spinn.Set has proven itself by providing an affordable quality product with friendly customer support.

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Expert Landing Page Creation Process

Identifying your Target Audience

Make sure the landing page talks to a specific audience. Know the problem, the need and want your target audience has. Write the copy with a specific category of audience in mind. If you drive traffic to the landing page via advertising and run many different ads, create many different landing pages. They can mostly be the same, but with a different headline and tweaks in the copy. A specific category of audience can fetch you good results along with guaranteed sales. So, before going for a landing page creation first know your target audience.


Professional Landing Page Creation Services


Landing Page is any webpage that a visitor arrives on or lands on. When put together in marketing or advertising terms we get to know that it is a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective. Designing landing pages would require a clean study of other successful landing pages. There are two types of landing pages ­

Click through Landing Pages ­ Click through landing pages have the goal of persuading the visitor to click through to another landing page.

Lead Generation Landing Pages ­ Lead generation landing pages are used to capture user data, such as a name and email address. The sole purpose of the page is to collect information that will allow you to market to and connect with the prospect at a subsequent time.

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Expert Landing Page Creation

Landing pages are campaign-­specific web pages distinct from your main website that have one goal and one call to action. A landing page could be a lead generation page or a click­through page for ecommerce.

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