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Web hosting is an important step towards making your online presence and be a part of the competition. In the present scenario, having a website is not a need rather a necessity. The competition is high, so for a healthy competition one requires to have a website and for that need of domain, dedicated IP, web hosting, and web security all have their potential involvement. All these give you a special power on making your website powerful as well as safe & secure. Moreover, it demands minimal investment and has high ROI.

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我們提供像99.9%,高的電子郵件和磁盤空間,配備控制面板功能,和24* 7的技術支持


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What to Expect from a Web Hosting Company?

Types of Web Hosting we provide:

Shared Hosting:

  • Quite easy and cheap
  • Control Panel is based on website
  • Requires system administration

Dedicated Hosting:

  • Amount of storage space & bandwidth is large
  • Flexibility is high compared to others
  • It is reliable, speed & performance rate is high

VPS Hosting:

  • Quite Cost effective
  • Easy to upgrade and use
  • Administrative access to your hosting account


  • Provides an unlimited space for storage of data, files, and other.
  • Provides and uptime of about 99.9% that is best.
  • Control panel used have huge number of features.
  • Helps in handling your website traffic effectively & efficiently.
  • Provision of security to your server with SSL encryption.
  • Provision of dedicated IP address.

Provision of great stability, result, security and infrastructure at an affordable price.
At AuroIN, get 24*7 customer care assistance.

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Website Hosting Provider Services

Case Studies

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The Client

Limobook serving people for more than five years in downtown Vancouver. Matthew Chambers is the founder and later Andre Bernard joined the company and both had experience in hospitality industry for a long time. They together have transformed the executive transportation business and offer an elegant and technically advanced fleet of custom, chauffeured Mercedes-Benz multi-passenger vans, Mercedes S550 sedans, Cadillac Escalade ESVs, and Cadillac sedans. The fleet is offered for both personal and corporate use. With Limobook, the difference is simple!

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Website Hosting Service Provider

Choose a domain name

The domain name is a must for a website and a different web addresses are available for different types of sites. Domain names point out particular IP address & when bought one is to be registered and after that all the preceding work of website hosting can be done in a flow.


Website Hosting Service Provider


Web hosting is the most crucial part of making a website. Web Hosting agency you select is in-charge of the well-being of your website’s performance. Hence, check out the points that will help you in the selection and evaluation process. Factors that matter most are the types of hosting offered by the company, traffic level allowed, disk storage, power efficiency, customer support, uptime and more. Be cautious about the factors while choosing your hosting partner.

With all these, other complementary options that are to be kept in mind while hosting are statistics (provide valid information to webmasters), file transfer protocol (downloading and uploading of files from or to a server), database and scripting (helps to add functions & load data from some outside database), dedicated IP address and SSL security. On combining all these together, we get an effective hosted website.

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