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Top 7 Factors of A Website Hosting Agency

Web hosting is the most crucial part of making a website. Web Hosting agency you select is in-charge of the well-being of your website’s performance. Hence, check out the points that will help you in the selection and evaluation process. Factors that matter most are the types of hosting offered by the company, traffic level allowed, disk storage, power efficiency, customer support, uptime and more. Be cautious about the factors while choosing your hosting partner.

Storage Space: In this space all the web files are stored which can be in the form of text, audio, images, or video. This disk space is measured in megabytes and gigabytes, as it varies from site to site. So, buy the storage space as per your requirement and the storage of your files.

Bandwidth: It is the amount of data available for a website over a particular time. The speed of site depends much on bandwidth of the site. The more the amount of bandwidth, the higher is the speed; less the amount of bandwidth, higher is the loading times & it is not good for a site. Variation of bandwidth depends on content of your web pages like, if you have more numbers of videos, images, etc. than the requirement of bandwidth and storage becomes higher.

Uptime: This feature is measured in percentile and it describes for how long the server hosting the site remains online. 100% uptime is not possible due to power failure, issues in hardware or software, but always try to get 99.9% uptime satisfaction. Select the hosting company with the best uptime. It is important for the eCommerce website especially for the online payment mode. So, go with increased uptime.

Customer Support: This need is crucial, to sort out all your issues and problem related to the website hosting. Provision of calls, mails and chat should be available 24*7 in the event of assistance.

Price: Quality is defined by work & ability, not by price. So, a check on price and the ingredients of the package would be worth. Do not get attracted towards low price and promises, be sure let not others fool you.

Backup: A host serving frequent backup is considered a healthy competition for all other companies. Frequent backup such as daily backups tends your data to be safe and secured.

Control Panel: This becomes the point of contact between the host server and computer connected to it via internet and will be accessible to the web admin. An easy control panel interface is preferable over a complicated one. We use cPanel, which is the most common control panels and includes adding/removing of email accounts, manage databases, tracks website statistics, etc. and Plesk is again another user-friendly one and is available for both Windows and Linux. User-friendly is a point that matters the most!

With all these, other complementary options that are to be kept in mind while hosting are statistics (provide valid information to webmasters), file transfer protocol (downloading and uploading of files from or to a server), database and scripting (helps to add functions & load data from some outside database), dedicated IP address and SSL security. On combining all these together, we get an effective hosted website.

Take into account the expert website hosting service provider, which put up all the above factors into their package. Happy Hosting!

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