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Case Studies -Promotional Podcast Production Services

Service: Finest daycare and preschool program for kids in Colorado Springs
Campaign: Professional Podcast Production Service
Time Frame: 15th January 2016 ­ Current


Call of has a unique approach among the churches of Colorado Springs. We believe that Springs of Life is a result of God’s call to help families and children to do well. With time enrollment of kids increased up to 250 in our two daycare centers, our motive is to bring a positive impact on the kids.

The stepping stone was placed in the month of May 2002 by Dan and Cheri with a handful of families. Then, later Pastor Steve Holt officially permitted to begin the church. Later by God’s grace our church and children’s centre started flourishing and at present we are employing many people and have a family of 250 kids around us in our daycare and preschool. God’s blessing and power have turned Springs of Life Church into a truly missionary church and have shaped many families and lives.

To learn more, visit: partnered with AuroIN to create promotional podcasts on business overview, client testimonial and many more on 15th January 2016. AuroIN produced podcast for the site, which helped it to increase its social reach and attain the brand value. Both AuroIN and worked collaboratively in order to maximize the benefits of the podcast production project.

AuroIN’s Role

1. Implementation of Podcast

We produced podcast by integrating it as a call­to­action, to increase the business reach, sales, conversion rate and pagerank.

2. Content is the King

A team of writers and sound experts work on the foundation of the promotional podcast. After a thorough research and analysis, we work on the podcast production and is made such that the listener is captivated by the voice, content and background music and listen to it without skipping.

3. Deploy Voice­over, Spokesmodel and Music

A listener gets compelled with the voice, content, and music of the podcast. This increases the requirement of male and female spokesmodel for creating a quality and compelling podcast. And we have all in our team to connect to the audience!

Phase 1


Plan: A perfect plan can make the road hassle­free. Create a rough sketch of all the steps like sound scripting, content writing, editing and all.

Time Span: Initially a decision is taken on the time­frame of the podcast. To get ready with the content, spokesperson and setup.

Setting up Recording: We match the topic with the voice and then decide about our spokesmodel and the speaker for voice­over. We do all the setup for the perfect podcast recording.

Phase 2


Recording: Actual recording is done in this phase. We pick a background, avail sophisticated equipments, take care of the background clarity and sound effect.

Phase 3


Podcast Editing: After all the work done on the creation of the podcast. The product is assigned to our editing team where they edit all the silly mistakes and give us the final product.

Adding music and special effects:We acquired royalty­free music apt for the podcast, and special effects to the podcast as per the requirement.

Delivering the Product: After producing the final cut, we delivered the product to our client.

As a result, the website achieves more customer reach, brand credibility, as well as sales.


The collaborative execution of promotional podcast production between AuroIN and combined with AuroIN’s ever growing knowledge base and its effective implementation of Call­To­Action strategies, made the brand become a success story that it is today.

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