Strategy & Consulting

Strategy is much more than a plan. Our strategy is to allocate resources and digital solutions to give you an edge against your competitors. AuroIN’s superior business capabilities has helped various clients establish their enterprise fearlessly.

  • We create the roadmap to your online success
  • We see things others miss
  • We work collaboratively and combine our experience in creating value in your business
  • We implement our intimate sector knowledge to create compelling campaigns that generates awareness and lifetime loyalty
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Business Analysis & Consulting

We enable businesses to achieve their maximum potential by providing competitive analysis; organize and formulate a plan as per digital and industry standards for a rapid business growth.

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Information Architecture & User Experience

Our expert IA and UX teams strive to build high performance websites for your business. The exercise starts from the scratch, i.e, developing the blueprint, to other services such as sitemap and wireframe creation, analyzing user influx, etc.

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Brand Strategy

We create as well as build brand. Whether it is a new brand formation or upscaling an existing brand, our creative team develops innovative campaigns that take off your overall reputations and makes you stand apart.

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Campaign Strategy

Instigating strategic campaigns that create a lasting effect to the brand, thereby winning more consumer loyalty and trust. We combine our online and offline marketing efforts to create results that will engulf your target market.

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Content Strategy & Copywriting

To win long-term goals, effective content strategy is highly critical. We will develop contents relevant to your site and make the story go viral via various publishing mediums.

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Supervising a web project is a highly complicated task and tons of queries and hurdles arise in the process. Some of the commonly occurring questions are discussed below with their best possible answers, given by our experts.

How should I design and develop my website?

There is a multitude of ways to create a new business website. Website building requires an effective layout from the designer, careful coding from the developer, creative promotion strategies from marketing specialists, brand awareness ideas from information architects, and so on. A full-fledged team of professionals works on a variety of topics to achieve a common goal. Our business consultants will find you the best, cost-effective, and comprehensive solution to design and develop your website.

How should my business be branded?

Successful branding requires spreading your word the organic way. Our creative strategists will communicate about what is the best and most compelling about you so that it will interest people and they will start talking about your brand.

How should I market my website and increase visitors/traffic?

There is no single way to maximize the number of visitors or traffic to your website, but many. Though there a number of online marketing channels, not all are effective at driving traffic towards your site. The job of our business consultants is finding the best medium of marketing that drives quality traffic towards your site or yields the maximum conversion and implement it. Our marketing professionals will create several blueprints and implement if one after another to analyze which works best. This, along with various other strategies will help bring online success to your site.

What mobile presence is best for my business?

A mobile presence is highly significant these days. With the rapidly increasing usage of smartphone and other mobile devices such as Tablets and Pads, it is becoming a necessity for businesses to make their website mobile-friendly. To make sure that your users do not feel left behind in this mobile age, you need to give them a mobile experience. Our expert team of developers can help greatly in this regard. We can help you create app, design mobile website, or create a responsive design for your site. While the service comes at a cost, the investment is bound to return massive returns in the future. Sit with our consultant and discuss the best and most cost-effective format for your website.

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