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Creating a company and managing it is an audacious job. It is not about quarterly or annual profits, nor it is about employees getting their share of salary in time. There is a lot more to it. Some companies have managed to do more for their employees and this has made them stand out above all others. They've got everything a person could want in a workplace: opportunities, benefits, strong leadership, work-life balance, compensation and more. AuroIN is one such organization that has worked immensely over the years to provide its employees a great place to work. It still leaves no leaf unturned, even after being one of the fastest growing online marketing company in the world.
AuroIN is well aware of the fact that creating a company that is a great place to work is critical. The founder(s), administration and management have a clear vision of what the company is, what are the plans for the future, what it has to offer, its strength and core area of expertise. The community-like environment makes every employee feel comfortable and productive.

The following aspects make AuroIN stand out above all others:

Annada Prasad Padhy

Chairman and Managing Director

Education: Received a B.Sc. in Botany from the University of Berhampur and his IT and management education at GNIIT.
Experience: 15 years in Internet and Search Marketing technologies.
Career goal: To continue to learn as an entrepreneur, create an environment and space for community business growth, and inspire and educate our future leaders!
Life Goal: He would like to travel and experience numerous cultures, to be a great citizen of the world!
Residence: He currently resides in Bhubaneswar, India with his wife, two children and parents.
Interesting Fact: He has lived in 6 cities and 10 homes all across the state. He enjoys ice cream and shrimps .. together! He follows yoga surya namaskar techniques everyday.

The venture started with 1 computer and 2 persons; Mr. Annada Prasad Padhy (Present CMD) and Mrs. Archana Padhy (Present CEO). He chanced his arm in this industry and today AuroIN has dramatically expanded the business in domestic & international market and has acquired the niche in the area of Search Engine Optimization. With over hundreds of SEO experts, the company has been progressing over a decade and now it is considered as one of the largest SEO Companies across the globe.

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Melise Lee

Marketing Consultant

Education: She has received an Associates of Health and Sciences in Health Administration, Colorado Technical University. She is certified in Professional Facilitator Courses, Instructor Certified, Mentorship Program Coordinator/ Career Counselor Certified.
Experience: She has over 12 years of experience as a Supervisor and Training Manager by Facilitating, Tutoring, Instructing and Training Students and Business Personnel. And has over 4 years of experience as a Professional Online ESL Tutor/ Instructor.
Career goal: To further establish and expand on teaching English around the world!
Life Goal: To help International students and Businesses learn English fluently and to expand her efforts on reading literacy.
Residence:Currently she resides in Southwest Florida, with her husband, three year old son, and her doggie named Hondo.
Interesting Fact: She lived in Yokosuka, Japan for 5 years.

She Says: “I am a Native Speaker and I love to teach international students English as a Second Language (TESOL). My goals are to help students learn the basics of English such as Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, English Conversations, Business and Corporate Language, Grammar, and Accent Reduction. I am from the United States of America. I love the fact that I can teach Online and I have no limits to who I can teach. I feel that this is my life calling and I am so happy I took the risk of being an entrepreneur! I love meeting people from different countries. I embrace diversity and love to learn about new cultures! I look forward to teaching my students every day. I am very enthusiastic because I love learning about different cultures and I embrace their diversity!”

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Jason "Norm" MacDonald

Head - North America and Canada

Experience: 10+ years in B2B and B2C direct sales covering Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia/Canada/USA.
Career goal: To build a sales process that leverages both direct and passive marketing.
Life Goal: To have a family and reduce poverty around the world.
Residence:He currently resides in New Brunswick, Canada.
Interesting Fact: He went to work in Singapore at the age of 20. He worked with an outsource company that promoted banking products from credit cards to mortgages in Singapore. He started off at an entry level position but worked my way to leading a team of sales people. This team consisted of telemarketers and direct sales people that worked with me in the field.

At first things were challenging but over the course of 6 months we went from being the lowest producing team tot he top producer, This experience helped me become the person I am today. One of the things I truly enjoy is developing sales processes by first identifying the clients need then building the sales process around those needs, This consultative approach has really served me well over my career and coupled with the digital marketing team at AuroIN is a match made in heaven. I firmly believe digital marketing will change sales in a profound way much like the telephone changed the way we communicate with one another.

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Monica L. Penro

Client Service Specialist

Education: Received a Bachelor's of Arts in Industrial Organizational Psychology, Illinois State University.
Experience: Over 17 years in Customer Relations, Management and Human Resources.
Career goal: To continue to grow and provide excellent business relationships with companies.
Life Goal: To continue living a happy carefree life and continue to help people in every path she takes.
Residence: Currently resides in Northeast Florida, with significant other and two children.
Interesting Fact: In 2010, Monica completed the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon. Monica enjoys spending time with her 2 very athletic children. Monica began her digital marketing journey in 2015, with AuroIN. Digital marketing has become such an important asset to any business.
She Says: My goal is to explain the extreme importance of digital marketing and SEO.I believe every business who hopes to succeed in the digital world should utilize digital marketing services.

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Allen T. Gregory

Sales Consultant

Experience: Allen has worked in the online space for the past 10 years. He began his online career as Marketing Analyst at a small firm in New York City. In 2008, he made a clean break from the corporate world and became an entrepreneur. Throughout those years he has become self-taught in copy-writing, consulting, and various areas of marketing.
Career goal: Create scalable systems that drive significant profits.
Life Goal: Create a legacy for my family and solve global challenges with exponential thinking.
Residence: He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.
Interesting Fact: Has been involved in technology and sales since 1998. Worked as a Technology Sales Consultant at several office, department, and technology retailers from 1999-2004. Worked as a Marketing Analyst in New York City from 2005-2008. Worked for a company backed by several million dollars in investment capital building sales and technology processes in 2014-15. Built desktop computers from scratch as a teenager from 1997-1999.

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