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Twitter Ads Campaign Management

Twittering at the speed of your customer’s thought is what this real­time information network is all about. By advertising on Twitter, you tap into Twitter’s global audience instantly.

  • Exclusive Twitter advertising format.
  • Array of pay­-per­-performance campaigns.
  • Seizing opportunities by engaging in real­time moments.
  • Detailed measurement of campaign performance using Analytics
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Twitter Ads Campaign Management







Infographics Twitter Advertising

We can boost your business with our arsenal of twitter tools. Your business needs a powerful Twitter strategy and our resources do the best in this domain. An ads campaign could increase your website traffic, boost app installs or introduce you to relevant, active followers.

What’s more, 80% of users on Twitter are accessing it via a mobile device. There is a real opportunity of using twitter for business marketing to reach potential customers no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

What AuroIN does that others don’t?

  • We know the right way to use those 140 characters!
  • We perfect your Twitter campaigns
  • We extend your reach even further with Twitter ads
  • We master the essentials to better share, engage, and market your business on Twitter
  • We have the best Twitter Analytics professionals
Infographics on Twitter Ads Campaign Management

Twitter Ads Campaign Management

Case Studies

Renkang Hospital

How a cancer research and medical facility in China gained worldwide exposure?, aka Southern Medical University Renkang Hospital is a cancer research medical facility center, located at Guangdong, China. Leading the way in cancer prevention, cure and care, Renkang is known for its groundbreaking treatment methods. Besides mainstream cancer treatment methods like Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Surgery, the medical center also excels in various alternative cancer treatments such as Sonophotodynamic therapy, Chinese herbal therapy, immune therapy, etc.

The idea was simple: using Twitter advertising and marketing for business promotion and development.

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Twitter Advertising Just Got A Lot Easier

Our cross-­channel insights and real­time actions enable us to develop strategies that solve your business objectives. We will make Twitter marketing so easy that you will spend less time understanding the campaign and more time evaluating results.

Get Results, Drive Action

AuroIN will help you to capitalize on your every advertising campaign. Using our exclusive Twitter ads campaign management services, we will drive action in three distinct areas ­ Engagement, Customers, & Sales.

Better Engagement

A burst of traffic to your website and extending your reach by seamlessly bringing in users via promoted tweets. Our robust technical capabilities help your business connect and engage with your followers through tweets, ad campaigns, mentions, retweets, favorites, and replies.


Growing your community by increasing Twitter followers who are relevant to your business. Our Twitter marketing strategy helps target only and only those people who will be interested in your business.


Allowing people to take a multitude of actions directly from your tweets, such as open your mobile app, landing on product page, sign up for services, etc.

Twitter Ads Campaign Management


Twitter for Business, ­ This three letter phrase refers to the vast spectrum of one of the most popular PPC marketing campaign in online media. Using Twitter for business marketing and development has turned out to be incredibly effective. The fact that 500 million users access twitter monthly makes marketers rethink about this social media tool when they sit down to devise business promotion tactics. The ever­growing Twitter community and Advertising campaigns provides ample opportunities for SMEs to find their target market and plan out strategies to drive more conversions.

Using Twitter ads campaign management services not only provides more value to your business, it multiplies the benefit you were receiving earlier.

From increasing your followers to driving web conversions, twitter advertising campaigns can help you everything you need for your business. Following are the top 7 tips and tricks you can use to create powerful promotional tweets that will amplify traffic and engagements.

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