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Some Unique Terminologies of Digital Marketing You Ever Heard


Digital Marketing - It may be just two mere words for you, but actually a sea of terms that all marketers struggle to keep up with. It may not be everyone's cup-of-tea, but you need it the most.

The marketing industry has a language jargon of its own & it needs to be mastered for a successful career in Digital Marketing. The jargon can come in many shapes and form. Sometimes, it’s a complete fabrication, or words with “ion, ing, & able ” at the end. Other times, they’re jumbled up English terms and confusing acronyms. This guide explains both some of the more commonplace as well as some of the more technical terms you may see.

Sockpuppet: An online identity used to either hide a person's real identity or to establish multiple user profiles.

Keyword Cannibalization: The excessive reuse of the same keyword on too many web pages within the same site. This practice makes it difficult for the users and the search engines to determine which page is most relevant for the keyword.

Walled Garden: A group of pages which link to each other, but are not linked to by any other pages. A walled garden can still be indexed if it is included in a sitemap, but it will probably have a very low Pagerank.

SMP (Social Media Poisoning): A term coined by Rand Fishkin - any of several (possibly illegal) black hat techniques designed to implicate a competitor as a spammer - For example, blog comment spamming in the name / brand of a competitor.

MFA (Made For Advertisements): Websites that are designed from the ground up as a venue for advertisements. This is usually, but not always a bad thing. TV programming is usually MFA.

Mirror Site: An identical site at a different address.

Even if you don’t have your own business or website, there’s a lot you can learn from digital marketing terminology.

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