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Web & Mobile Development

Our development experts works exceptionally implementing state of art technology to give quick and good results.

  • Built quality websites for better performance.
  • Quality methodologies with 100% assurance.
  • Excellent expertized team with latest tools and technologies.
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Ecommerce Development

We make your ecommerce website effective by driving high-quality traffic to every product in your site.

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Content Management System(CMS)

We include numerous CMS such as WebModulite, WordPress, Magento and Drugal that edit and modify content with relative ease.

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Mobile Development

Our mobile development team make your website thrive by bringing huge audience, keeping your customers engaged and grow sales.

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Responsive Website Development(RWD)

Our developed websites should respond to the user's behavior based on the platform (desktops, tablets and smart-phones), screen size and orientation.

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Web & Mobile Development Process:

At AuroIN, we give equal value to every web development project, which is the reason they don't only look great, but perform as well. We start with collecting information and framing the content strategy to designing information architecture are carving out user-pathways to market your site as per your users.

1 ‘Digital Audit’ to accelerate your business

You can get the best value from your website by installing a tracking software in it that analyze the overall data and suggest some improvement options so as to implement your next website in a better manner.

2 Business Analysis

We examine your business needs to tackle the business problems, finding the way for customer growth and influence these intuitiveness into call-to-action and user-pathways that tends to online growth.

3 Information Architecture &
User-Experience (IA & UE)

Our IA and UX team provide a prototype to make your online business more efficient and user-friendly. We implement your website by categorizing and organizing of data into a logical structure that users can understand quickly.

4 Digital blueprint &
Interface Design

We get engaged with your business strategy, understand your visitors target and build websites that are intended to be compelling and creative. Our digital strategy manages the informative content of your website, providing an ideal foundation that is transmitted through interface design.

5 Front-End Coding Standards

We make use of cutting-edge, front-edge coding standards to assure a reliable, platform independent and quick performance of your website. Our front-end coding is adaptable with mobiles and tablets, and is optimized for search engine results.

6 Back-End CMS

Our back-end CMS development simply update and control your website effectively. With page and data security, back-end coding and content management system ensures you and your audience a safe platform.

7 Quality Assurance

We examine your website with some quality assurance process to make it efficient and simple. Our goal is to make your website error-free balancing work-load, making it compatible and improving quality of your website.

8 Future Optimization & Marketing

A website should always be optimized so as to drive targeted traffic to your page. It helps increasing the quality of your website, keeping your business stable with latest updates and contents. Our online marketing experts build a long-term strategy of updating your website frequently so as to gain traffic, maintain a long-lasting relationships with the existing customers ensuring a high return on investment.


Why Most Websites Fail

If you are looking for a successful website, you need to focus on some major points. First you need to understand a few things about the fundamental strategy on sales and how to drive targeted traffic. You need to think from visitors point of view like: what can attract them? Who is your ideal customer? What they are searching for?

These analysis can definitely put a high impact on your website, affecting its content, design and structure. Your website will surely get indexed if these small things are taken into account. Here are some reasons why websites fail to achieve their targeted objectives:

Lack of trust building elements

If visitors don't find your website strong, then they will most likely switch to some other site. Some examples of trust building elements include usage of original photography, professional-looking design and 3rd party validation such as off-site reviews. For an effective website, our interface designing team with some multiple tests helps finding out what is needed. We have conducted a test on our own web form. Have a glance at it:

Message mismatching

This is a major reason of websites failure. This is when your defined message doesn't match up with the customers perception and thus results in a deterioration. Message mismatch can result in high bounce rates and low return on investment for a website. So, first we analyze the customer base and make things better by crafting the content in a customer-friendly way that makes your website a vital one.

Website development shortcomings

Many times, front-end coders and back-end developers use shortcuts which later on leads to a big trouble. This can slow down your business reducing customers. Things like incompatibility with specific web browsers, slow page load time and broken pages tends to targeted customers leaving your website. Our potential experts with strong measures and development standards make your website fast, compatible and ready for search engine optimization to get indexed.


We are Recognized as...

  • AuroIN-Adwords certified
  • AuroIN Proven Credible Verified
  • AuroIN LLC, USA BBB Business Review
  • AuroIN Google Partner